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General info:

g3data is used for extracting data from graphs. In publications graphs often are included, but the actual data is missing. g3data makes the extracting process much easier.

UPDATE: I've refactored g3data and created g3data2, you'll find it over at github.

UPDATE: I've given maintainership of g3data over to Paul Novak, the latest version of g3data can be found at https://github.com/pn2200/g3data.



Latest gtk+ 2.12 compliant 1.5 version of g3data : Latest gtk+ 2.6 compliant 1.5 version of g3data :

The old gtk+ 2.4 compliant version : Download the gtk+ 2.4.14 runtime from the gaim project if you intend to run g3data under windows.

Screenshots of the 1.5 release:

Tabbed processing of images is now possible.

The other tab, using a logarithmic scale and output to a file.

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